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Pricelist Jungfrau Ski Region Dear visitor, we offer you here the possibility to order the desired hiking and sledging passes.

After submitting your order, you will automatically receive a reservation confirmation by e-mail about the ordered passes.

Online payment is not required. The ordered passes will be deposited for you at the reception of our hotel and you can also pay for them at the reception.


from 20 years
age 16 - 19
age 6 - 15
1 Day 58.00 46.00 30.00
2 Days 114.00 91.00 58.00
3 Days 168.00 134.00 83.00
4 Days 204.00 163.00 102.00
5 Days 234.00 187.00 116.00
6 Days 259.00 207.00 130.00
7 Days 282.00 226.00 141.00

Validity consecutive days incl. 7.7% VAT, for further price information please refer to the linked PDF document.

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